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“Take off a kilogram before giving me a CV” were the famous words of Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus, the famous sports car company. This company has remained true to these words for many years, its models being the most dynamic in the market thanks to the approach given to lightness instead of power. Despite this, they have managed to overcome much more powerful models, offering better performance on the track.

The Lotus Seven, was an iconic example, still recognized by many as a classic in the automotive industry of the twentieth century, its production was continued during the decades of the 60s and 70s by the company Caterham, whose only model was the direct evolution of This, the Caterham Seven. However, in 2011 Lotus took possession of the company, which resulted in an expansion of its vehicle catalog thanks to an agreement beneficial to both parties. Unfortunately, both companies have their headquarters in the United Kingdom, which makes it difficult for many Spaniards to obtain, through importation, an automotive jewel like these for their garage.

The weight of the bureaucracy

This is when the collaboration of a professional team is necessary to facilitate the process and allow the client to rest comfortably and confidently from home. At Import Lotus we recognize the comfort and satisfaction that comes from owning a sports car from the Lotus and Caterham range, so we offer our services in the advisory, import and definitive documentation of these. We have a space on our website that describes the experiences we have had in the transfer and import processes. In our blog, we comment on the cumbersome process and how it is hindered by the bureaucratic policy of Spain.

Among the necessary requirements for the passage to the country we mention: receipt of the payment of tax, bill of sale, receipt of the payment of the registration, temporary and definitive, as well as the documentation as such of the vehicle. All this must be done in advance in order to obtain temporary registration. In short, the weight that the automotive company saves in the car is charged to the user in an endless number of bureaucratic ups and downs.

This is why the Importlotus team offers you mainly to remove that weight from paperwork, errands, trips, etc. Ensuring the transfer of the vehicle to your own home, without problems or hidden costs, but maintaining at all times a direct and personalized communication to achieve your full satisfaction.

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