Odyssey in the transfer: how to get your thoroughbreds to the garage

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Once the bureaucratic barrier is crossed, with the papers in order, our next step is to bring the car from the island. I also took the temporary plates, which drew a lot of attention to the airport security control, especially when I explained why I took them. I did it for safety, because when the English license plate came in the permit of circulation there should be no problem; But the truth is that in the end I only managed to walk the license plates for half Europe. The trip I made with the English plaque, which for logical reasons draws less attention.

From United Kingdom to Spain are about two days of road trip. There is also the option of taking the ferry, although there are not many options for dates and rarely low of £ 400 the trip. If you are interested in this option there are two companies that serve Spain: Brittany Ferries and Louis Dreyfus.

I opted to do the driving trip. In this case, apart from the expenditure on gasoline and wear must be added the passage through the Eurotunnel and the French motorways.
The Eurotunnel will cost you about € 70, although the price varies depending on when you get it. I recommend you buy the ticket online and look at the prices for a round trip, surprisingly I left about 30 € cheaper so if I had just picked the one way.
Tolls: They leave at about 100 € in total

It is important to remember that there are some variations in legislation between UK and Europe regarding lights and safety equipment. To adjust to European standards you can approach a shopping center just before the Eurotunnel, where you can buy the triangles and the vest, as well as some stickers that are placed in the headlights to avoid glare. To inform you about this last aspect you can search on the internet differences between RHD and LHD headlights, and I recommend you read the last post of this series, where I explain what to do with the headlights to pass the ITV.

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