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Okay, we’ve already gone through the part of the election and the purchase. Now we have to swallow with the national bureaucracy, which is not turkey mucus, before making the second trip to UK to bring our engineering jewel. If you have managed to get here is because your new acquisition is really worth going against the current, so remember that when you take this step.

The next test in the import odyssey begins in the DGT, where I recommend that you come personally, because on the information phone (010) they do not seem to have much idea and you risk to be misinformed and take a trip to UK for nothing. So arm yourself with patience, that there are curves (bureaucratic) to tackle.

You will need to bring:

Original car documentation
Receipt of the payment of the tax of vehicles of mechanical traction (numerito), whose amount will depend on the weight / power ratio of the car.
Invoice of sale (if applicable) or, if you bought it to an individual, the receipt of having paid in Taxation the tax of transmissions of vehicles, model 620, which in my case was 200 euros.
Receipt of payment of the temporary registration and final registration, which leaves at € 114.40.
Yes, you have read well: All the process is done in advance, having to leave paid the definitive registration and the numerito in order to obtain the temporary registration. Seriously, breathe deeply before entering, that between my experience with traffic and the treasury could create a post in tribute to the Spanish bureaucracy that would leave the 12 tests of Asterix at the height of bitumen in difficulty and surrealism.

All this process will allow you to finally have a temporary traffic permit, or green plates, with 60 days of validity, with which you should have enough time to bring the car and pass the ITV. They will also give you an enrollment number with which you can finally get the long awaited insurance that will allow you to make the trip. Keep in mind that green plaques, despite what they say on some websites, do not carry any insurance associated with it. Yes it is worn by English temporary plates, but I fear it is not our case. You take care of me and make sure.

I did it with Mutua Madrileña and they did not put any problem to have the temporary matrícula, although will have to notify to them when you have the definitive matrícula. Do not worry, the island’s past vehicle will not change the price.

Too complicated?. Then trust us.

No other brand has such a complete track record to import your purebred sports car. Lotus is strong but light and simply amazing to drive.

We put it at your fingertips, without having to worry about anything. Import your car directly with us in the most economic way possible and rest calmly with the conviction and firmness that all the procedures will be solved for you: from the change of steering wheel from left to right, all the documentation, the payment of taxes, until The transport to your home.

Because the best way to understand a Lotus, is to drive it. What are you waiting for? Contact us now or enter your details and we will call you.

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