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The importation of vehicles usually comes with a series of complications associated with the idiosyncrasies of the country of origin, and the case of UK is no different. So that your concern can focus on the search for your ideal car and not against the particularities of the country, here are some tips that will help you in the process.

The first step of course is knowing where to look. Internet searches often offer too many options and it is difficult to screen the most interesting without it being a huge waste of time. From my experience, the page that best suits us is Pistonheads, which is simple to use and has a large selection of first and second hand models. It also has an assorted analysis section that will delight any fan of the engine. Ebay and other pages also offers a wide range of offers, but you have to be very careful with frauds, there are and many; In any case, look for classified ads (classified ads)

The next step is to choose the car, but the ads are sometimes too concise and full of acronyms. So you can understand them without going crazy here you have a short list with some of the terms you need to know:

MOT: Equivalent to our ITV
DVLA: “Driver and vehicle licensing agency”. That is, the General Directorate of Traffic.
V5 or logbook: Driving license
VIN (vehicle identification number): Identification number or chassis number
Tax disc: circulation tax (numerito)
HPI clear: Free of charge
Okay, with this you already have enough tools to choose your piece of advanced engineering, but you want to make sure that you will not have unexpected surprises before doing the transaction. Well, ensuring that is always complicated as the world of deception is refined, but the following three tools will somewhat help:

The first and simplest sometimes comes in the same ad. Until recently the vehicles were defined by categories from A to D depending on the degree of seriousness of possible incidents with the car. So until now we had to be very careful with the ads with signs like “Cat C” or “Cat D” (Category C / D), because they came to indicate that the car has suffered an accident of some importance, but that they could be repaired. And categories A and B were reserved for those vehicles that can never be returned to the road.

Since October 1, 2017 there are two new categories “Cat S” and “Cat N” that come to replace categories C and D. The “Cat S” will be for vehicles that have suffered significant structural damage but that can be repairable. Economic feasibility is no longer taken into account, but repair is feasible. For its part, the “Cat N” refers to those vehicles that have not suffered significant structural damage, but have critical components that must be replaced.
Therefore, the cars “Cat S and Cat N” are vehicles that properly repaired, can return to the road. But you have to be aware of this when we are going to choose our ideal car. The category is assigned by the insurance company when sending the part to the DVLA. In the event that this relevant information does not come in the classified ad, it can be viewed through a “car check”.

So, to know more about our car we can find a large number of companies that provide that information for a small price looking for “car check UK” in google. The one I used after much looking at prices and reviews was, which charged me £ 15 for 5 checks. To give you an idea copypasteo you what I was told about my Honda:
– Vehicle Registration Number MP03xxx
– Make HONDA
– Model S2000
– Color BLUE
– Door Plan 2 DOOR SALOON
– Transmission MANUAL 6 GEARS PETROL
– Engine Capacity 01997
– Engine Number F20C210xxxxx
– CO2 Emissions 237 g / km
– Date of First Registration 04/29/2003
– Year Manufactured 2003
– Imported No
– Exported No
– Used before 1st registration? Do not
– Stolen: This vehicle has not been reported stolen
– Scrapped: This vehicle has not been scrapped
– On High Risk Database: This vehicle is not on the high risk database
– Plate Change: This Vehicle has changed
VRM: S200TDRTransaction Date: 12/08/2009Receipt Date: 12/08/2009
– Color Change: This vehicle has not changed color
– Number of Former Keepers: This Vehicle has 005 keepers
– Last Keeper Change: 08/27/2012
– Condition (write-off and category): This vehicle has no condition details
– Recall Data: This vehicle does not appear on our database
This car was checked by All data was correct on 2014-04-05 16:15:01

Having access to all that information with the registration number is worth every penny you pay.

Finally it is very important to check if the car has a European type approval pass. This implies that the date of first registration of the car is after 1999 (or maybe 2000, that I could not be assured in the ITV and look for that info on the internet is a mess). The password is a number of 16 characters (for example, e6 * 98/14/0040 * 02) that comes in the circulation permit (V5) and the identification plate that is usually close to the engine. When you have it you will have to homologate the car to pass the ITV in Spain. Make sure in any case that is standard, as the ITV told me, even a change of tires can give you trouble

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