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Convert the Car to Left Hand Drive

It is likely that the biggest complication that results from importing a vehicle is the change of side of the steering wheel when it is from places like the United Kingdom or Japan. If it is not done well, the user can have the steering wheel on the left side as required and then realize that he has a car with the gear lever, the turn signal light and other details, although they may seem small can be frustrating on the day to day, everything on the wrong side. To avoid these complications and improvised is essential to go to a professional team that transforms every aspect necessary to drive on the right side.

On the other hand, executing a change of steering wheel in sports cars can be even more cumbersome for mechanics who do not know the field. Most of these specialize in steering wheel changes in second-hand Japanese vehicles, popular for their accessible cost considering the import costs. However, when it comes to high-end vehicles, a professional team with years of experience and knowledge in the field is required so that there are no future problems.

In Importlotus we take care of the change of side of the steering wheel with a team that has made more than 20 transformations in its short time of operation as a company. Guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction and freeing it from possible accidents while driving. This is achieved through a meticulous process, professionally managed, using original new parts of the brands handled, high-end brands such as Lotus and Caterham. In addition to this, we make sure to perform a test drive after having made the change of address, to check the safety of the vehicle and its legal factor on the road.

Regarding the documentation, the professional team of Importlotus is in charge of completely homologate the transformation and keep everything in order, including guarantees and solvencies. All this is complemented by the relationship that exists between said company and the ITVs, which facilitates the legal aspect for importing the vehicle without ups and downs. Accompanied to this is the payment of taxes, driving licenses and final registration to handle with any comfort in a legal way and to be able to drive on the right side in Spain.

So to avoid future hassles, especially if it is about buying the ideal car, it is really important to contact a professional team. One that is in charge of the complete accompaniment throughout the process of import, transformation and documentation of the vehicle. For this, the Importlotus team offers you our services with a team that accumulates more than 15 years of experience together.

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