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The process to get the car of your dreams is simple and is at your fingertips. Our services include 5 comfortable steps, accompanying you in the process until the sports car arrives in your garage:

Advice on finding your ideal car, at the best price

Your time is precious Do not waste it on endless searches that do not help you achieve your goal! Many of the pages that offer classified ads are a scam, or are auctions where however, it does not interest everything they offer. That is why, knowing the world of the high-end engine like our professionals is essential to be able to acquire a quality vehicle without losing money. We make sure that the vehicle is in the best condition, checking the documentation and the history of the vehicle to verify that it has not had accidents, that the odometer has not been manipulated, and that it has no pending charges or fines. Our multidisciplinary team has more than 15 years of experience in the sector, working in a combined way to achieve the satisfaction of our clients.

Avoid unnecessary trips to UK … We do it for you!

The usual thing in the international purchase of sports cars is to travel to the country where the vehicle is located to talk to the owner and proceed to inspect the vehicle. Our team of professionals will be in charge of visiting the location of the car, will evaluate your situation through a thorough inspection and expert driving. Subsequently, it will elaborate a detailed report on the conditions and the state of the vehicle, as well as its history, including the summary of the driving experiences as well as the improvements that could be made to the car. We offer you a personalized professional service that will prevent you from incurring travel costs for this reason.

In addition, our expert team will negotiate the best price and the best conditions for you, since your satisfaction is our main objective.

We write the contract of sale and proceed to the lower in the United Kingdom and permanent registration in Spain

Making an international purchase of your sports car can be a nightmare if you do not know how. To solve that problem, we offer our professional services so that you only have to worry about driving your vehicle. We take care of all the documentation, contract of sale, registration, change of titleholder, payment of taxes and discharge in insurance, without surprises and hidden costs. Thanks to the trajectory of our professional team we have imported numerous cars in Europe, we know all the procedures and procedures, and we put our talent at your service to streamline the process and avoid the complications and inconveniences that occur when you process a sale in private.

Steering wheel shift from right to left

If the vehicle of your choice is original from the United Kingdom it is likely that you must proceed to the change of steering wheel that allows safe driving in Spain. This could be an inconvenience and many potential buyers are abandoning the possibility of buying the car of their dreams for this reason. However, to solve this problem, our team of mechanics proceed to make the change of steering wheel to adapt your vehicle and that can be driven with a steering wheel to the left. The transformation of your vehicle into our workshops will be fully homologated, with all the guarantees and all solvency offered by our well-proven experience in transformation jobs for high-end Lotus and Caterham vehicles.

Transfer of the sport to Spain, ITV and final processing

Delegate your trust in us and we will get the best offer for the transfer of the vehicle to your address. Do not waste time looking for the best option to move your car to your garage, we know all the alternatives and we provide the best solution. Once in Spain, we take care of the final procedure to obtain the traffic license: from the ITV, payment of taxes until the obtaining of the license of circulation and the management of the definitive registration of the vehicle.

If you’ve always dreamed of a Lotus or Caterham sports car, if you already see yourself driving your thoroughbreds, maybe this is the great opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Start now to pursue your goals by filling out this contact form. We willl take care of the rest!.